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Are you in need of quality and beautiful wristbands for your upcoming neighborhood block party, motorcycle rally, and other special events?

Quality Discount Wristbands can help. Quality Discount Wristbands offer highest quality and waterproof wristbands for your event security.

Our wristbands offer fast and easy visual confirmation that people belong at your event or party. Wearing a particular wristband also let other people know that you are sharing the same belief or supporting a worthy cause in your organization or community.

Quality Discount Wristbands most popular products are Tyvek, Vinyl and Plastic Security wristbands.

Barcode Tyvek Wristbands come in many designs and colors that are perfect for short term security for your event or party. If not abused or tampered with, Barcode Tyvek wristbands can last for a few days. It has tamper proof slits behind an aggressive adhesive that won't allow the band to be removed without shredding its end. Once the wristband is ruined, the band will be useless for reuse or re-application.

Barcode Tyvek wristbands are perfect for water parks, cocktail lounges and sporting events. It is waterproof and its ink does not fade in chlorinated water so you won’t have to worry about unwanted stain on your skin or clothing. It is also pre-bar-coded for quick identification. Barcode Tyvek wristbands are so affordable and serve as effective security for any function.

We also offer high quality Plastic Wristbands with a plastic snap closure. The Male part of the snap, when tampered, will automatically break off and can not be used again. Our Plastic Wristbands come in different designs such as the Solid Color, Solid color with one stub, Patterns, Fusion Hologram, Galaxy Hologram, and Sparkle Wristbands that will definitely add a touch of class to your event.

We are sure you’ll love our Sparkle Plastic Wristbands that shimmer in the light! These beautifully, elegantly created security feature is perfect for any gathering. You may also try Plastic Check Pattern Wristband, Plastic Drinking Age Verified Wristband, Plastic USA Flag Wristband, Plastic Star Pattern Wristband, Check Pattern Plastic Wristband, and Plastic Straightwave Wristband.

Quality Discount Wristbands also offer Vinyl Wristbands that are available in different configurations with or without stubs. Vinyl wrist bands are soft and comfortable, and have a matt finish.

5 Stub Vinyl Wristbands can be consecutively numbered in one position and can be numbered for free. One Stub Vinyl Wristbands is a longer lasting version and ca also be numbered for free. We also have non-stretch, secure and waterproof Vinyl Straightwave Wristbands that are excellent for extended use. You can also try our Long Wide face Vinyl Wristbands which is longer than the regular Wide face Vinyl Wristbands. And if you are looking for Hospital Wristbands, we’ve got those for you too! We have here Adult Wide face with insert and Soft Baby Bands.

Go combo! We offer fabulous Combination Packs that’s best for your budget! Check out our Tyvek 10 Color Pack, Tyvek 5 Color Pack, Plastic 10 Color Pack, Plastic 5 Color Pack, 5 Color Vinyl Combo Pack, and Vinyl 10 Color Combo Pack.

Make your party and other events fun and secured! Buy wristbands only from Quality Discount Wristbands!
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