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Tyvek Wristbands, Plastic Wristbands & Vinyl Wristbands,  a must for admission & crowd control.

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US Flag Tyvek Wristbands
USA Flag Pattern Tyvek Wristbands
 Quality Discount Tyvek Wristbands are the perfect method of visually identifying your paying customers wearing wrist bands. 
 Quality Discount Wristbands provides a wide range of wristbands in a variety of types, styles, colors and patterns. We Supply all types of event discount identification wristbands to suit event requirements, from Tyvek Wristbands, (synthetic paper wristbands) Plastic Wristbands, Vinyl Wristbands and custom imprinted Wristbands with your logo and text.
Tyvek wristbands are sometimes known as paper wristbands. Our Tyvek wristbands will not tear or stretch. The ink we use to imprint on the Tyvek wristbands will not wash off or run in swimming pools. They are comfortable and adjust to any size and are easily applied to the wrist with an adhesive strip
Plastic Straightwave Wristbands
Plastic straightwave wrist bands
 Quality Discount Plastic Wristbands are used for effective identification and admission control in a wide variety of applications, from Amusement and Water Parks to Nightclubs and Bars, Any Party, Ski Areas and Campgrounds to Concerts, Hospitals, Schools, School Buses, Churches, Skating Rinks, Picnics, Walkathons, Race Tracks, Casinos, and much more.
Our quality plastic wristbands are comfortable to wear and very durable for extended wear. The non-reusable plastic snap closure discourages transfer and increases security.
Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands
Wide Face Vinyl Wristbands
 Quality Discount Vinyl Wristbands are great for crowd management, security, special privileges, catering, age ID, height restrictions, and any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Vinyl wristbands are used for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our premium quality vinyl wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non-reusable locking plastic snaps discourages transfer and increases security.  We can also provide a reusable Vinyl wristbands with a metal reusable snap. These can be used over and over again hundreds of times.
 Our Standard ID, Tyvek, Plastic and Vinyl Wristbands ship same or next business day!
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Click here to visit our wristband shopping cartAbout our wristband businessContact us about wristbandsHome page of our wrist band business.
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